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Teaneck Webdesigner

Website Development

Custom Design
Teaneck Web Designer offer a wide range of custom design services including banners, html emails, intro movies, tutorials, games and of course web sites. Teaneck Web Designer can design your site from scratch or improve and existing site. We can design your corporate image for you or we can work with your current logo, colors and style to suit your needs. We can produce sites in a wide variety of styles that directly target your marketing audience. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of the different styles we have completed for clients around the world. We take pride in our work and will give you the very best site. Prices for custom design will vary according to the work but we will give you a fixed quote to suit any budget. You may prefer a template site for ease of setup and price. The main advantage to purchasing a custom design over a template design is that your site is a designer site - a once off, one and only. Template sites are "off the shelf" sites and although they are of very high quality, Teaneck Web Designer retains copyright to the site design and may resell it. With a custom design, you retain copyright to your site. We will make sure we give you personalized service and work with you closely in the process of producing your site. Contact us today and request a no obligation quote and we will respond within 24 hours to your email. Make sure you check out our testimonial page to see what our other clients have to say about Teaneck Web Designer.

Corporate Image
When we design logos we take into account the industry, current design trends, corporate colors and any existing art so that we come up with a logo that is both cutting edge, reflecting your businesses feel but also to last for years to come. We can also design animated logos to use on web sites.

Animated banners that can be used on sites such as MSN etc. that will market your business and get your message across to these audiences. To see a demonstration of this product please Contact us

HTML Emails
Professionally designed email newsletters to keep your current clients and network associates in touch with where your business is going. To see a demonstration of this product please Contact us Web Sites Full flash based or HTML based web sites. We can fix problems with your current site or create a site from scratch. Domain name registration and hosting available as well.

Intro Movies
Put that extra spark on your site. We can tailor make intro movies to your sites that will quickly get your marketing message across to the "TV" generation. To see a demonstration of this product please Contact us

Product Presentations & Promotional CD's Roms
Teaneck Web Designer can present a product with our full presentation including professionally recorded voice-overs, music, sound effects and full animation. Presentations can be used by sales people as demonstrations, or marketed in CD format or made available on-line. To see a demonstration of this product please Contact us

Online Tutorials
Teaneck Web Designer can provide on line, interactive tutorial systems with full animation, demonstrations, and voice-overs. We can even "test" the student’s knowledge and grade them. Take your training program to a new level. To see a demonstration of this product please Contact us

A great way to get visitors on to your site and staying longer. We can create games based on your product or services that promote your business at the same time as giving your site visitors something special to set you apart from your competition. To see a demonstration of this product please Contact us

Screen Savers
Animated Screensavers are a great way to promote your business to clients as well as adding an extra corporate feel to your office. To see a demonstration of this product please Contact us
Development Methodology
A disciplined approach is critical to successfully create business solutions on time, in scope, and within budget. A project's success depends as much on business objective alignment, project management, designing and development processes as on writing quality code. Teaneck Web Designer are flexible yet process centric, willing to adapt any process to serve our customers. A standardized development methodology helps us to provide very cost-effective and efficient business solutions.

PHASE- I – Plan and Elaborate the Project
In this phase, Once the project is confirmed, the objective is to understand clearly the your requirement. When doing business on the Internet, we realize the importance of being clearly understood, to provide the best solutions to our customers. These are brainstorming sessions that help determine the business objectives and marketing goals. Prototype story boards or screen layouts are used for role-playing. The request is now re-examined for any further details required at this stage. If not, then we will send you a detailed study report with process flow diagram. In this phase, Customer continuous involvement and feedback needed to develop robust business application.
PHASE- II – Planning and Confirmation
During this stage, we scope and design the e-business systems and supporting software, network, hardware and infrastructure needed for the project. Our Technical experts advise the client on options available to him with respect to architectural approaches and technology solutions for project implementation. Based on the architecture and technology chosen, the development team of Programmers, graphic designers and project managers draft a development plan for the project with cost and time estimation.
PHASE- III - Design and Develop
A prototype development methodology ensures smooth communication between user and developer with different backgrounds. Methodology - In this methodology, once the preliminary requirements are clarified, the next step is to quickly build the layout & prototype of the business application. From then on, it is the continuing evolution of this prototype until it becomes the final product, exact to specifications.

Visibility - The key Advantage. This is a revolutionary, new approach to application development and extremely suited to offshore development. When you outsource your requirement of business solutions to us, we are sensitive to the fact that you require high visibility of the WIP (work in progress). This is the reason why we have adapted this methodology to our development process. At each stage along the development, the application evolves before your own eyes. Here are the broad milestones in this process: Site Layout: One of the important areas of any site. Our creative graphic designer makes the layout as image file on the base of your preference and site object. We also consider your industry, business process and more many other things. On approval we will start prototype work.

Prototype: Most crucial phase. The prototype shows you the shape of things to come. This is much more than just a visual representation. Here all part of the site developed with HTML with proper comments to finalize the business logic and site flow. It represents all the screen elements in the final solution. This is the mould into which we start to breathe the breath of life! Feedback from the client is taken and required modifications are incorporated.

Functional Development: On completion of prototype our programmer design the final architecture on base of finalized Prototype and also start coding the business application. In this phase we can accept only minor modification or change from customer, as this changes and modification affect on whole application integrity.

Testing and Analysis: The prototype evolves to its more complex level of existence. Many parts of the prototype spring to life. We have this intermediate delivery before the final delivery to establish the proof of concept. The client can now almost feel the solution that he/she had entrusted us to develop. What remains now is just formality. Our quality department checks the functionality as per your original need.

Final Delivery: The final product is delivered after testing. There are no surprises, and no tense expectations on the date of delivery. For, you had seen it evolve!

PHASE- IV – Deployment and Training
Performance of the site is monitored for a period of Three month if there is no site maintenance agreement. Any problems found during this period will be solved, without any additional cost to the customer.