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Offshore Outsourcing Centers

Manhattan Web Designer Inc OUTSOURCING
Lahore, Pakistan (Sub-Continent India) - A Preferred Outsourcing Destination Lahore is now an established IT Outsourcing Destination. The country, which has earned the distinction of being the world's most preferred software outsourcing destination draws its strengths from the following:

  1. Proven Offshore Model
  2. Largest and most evolved source of software expertise
  3. More than 5 million technical workers
  4. Software Industry worth $9 Billion
  5. Second Largest English speaking Community
  6. Supportive Government Policy for ICT Industry

Concept of an Offshore Development Center (ODC) and a Dedicated Development Center (DDC)

  1. Facilities Dedicated to Specific Client(s)
  2. Dedicated Manpower, Technological and Domain Expertise
  3. Significant Reduction in Costs
  4. Reduced Time while maintaining High Quality

Teaneck Web Designer - Your IT Outsourcing Partner

Having successfully completed more than 100 software development projects, A.A.B. Inc is your ideal outsourcing partner. Our accumulated experience from past projects and ability to adopt new technologies with ease gives our customers the best of both the old and the new.

How Teaneck Web Designer Addresses Key Requirements of an Offshore Development Facility:

Dedicated Development Facility at Lahore in Pakistan. State of the art hardware, software and communications infrastructure for 40 developers scalable to 120+. (whatever size meets your needs)
Location in Lahore, a seat of technical learning gives access to a large pool of IT professionals. Ability to quickly deploy skilled resources and scale down team sizes.
Price Competitiveness
Ability provides cost effective services not only for development but also for implementation and maintenance.
Stringent Management Controls to ensure timely delivery while controlling quality.
Onsite Coordination
Dedicated Project Coordinator responsible for day-to-day management of relationship between Client and project team. Coordinator acts like internal customer.
Highly defined processes and integrated teams. Lager development work packs are broken into smaller modules that can be developed in parallel by multiple teams and integrated to reduce development time for customers.
Change Control
Complete control over the configuration of the work product baseline. This includes tracking the configuration of each of the items, approving a new configuration if necessary and updating the baseline.
High quality minimizing customer risk

Teaneck Web Designer offers a competency center model to our clients in which a software development team that is dedicated to a single client uses technology, tools, processes and methodologies unique to that client.

Each dedicated Offshore Outsourcing Center offering wide range of staffing solutions is located at an A.A.B., Inc., facility in Lahore, Pakistan and is staffed, owned and managed by the Company. Once the project priorities are established by the client, Teaneck Web Designer in conjunction with the client's IT department, manages the execution of the project. By focusing on a single client over an extended time frame, the Competency Center team gains a deeper understanding of the client's business and technology and can begin to function as a virtual extension of the client's software team.

At Manhattan Web Designer we have been building solutions and providing personnel to companies for many years. As an offshore outsourcing center we provide our clients with trained employees and outstanding candidates.

We stand behind our commitment to:

  1. Provide the most qualified, flexible and skilled talent in the industry.
  2. Enhance our client's workforce productivity.
  3. Offer lifetime employment and staffing solutions.

As a client
Teaneck Web Designer provides a broad array of talented employees working to meet your IT staffing needs. Our employees are recruited and selected for their skills, work experience and commitment to quality; our professionals are industry specialists in the fields we serve. Our decentralized operating structure means we couple the flexibility of a local staffing agency with the larger resources of a national organization. Our organization provides temporary, temp-to-hire & direct hire services. To support your flexible workforce, we offer industry-specific divisions in IT industry (from graphic design to software development).