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Content Management Tools

Content management tools are a way for a privileged user to make updates or additions to a web page without the need for extensive technical knowledge. This allows a company to easily modify its site at any time through a simple web interface.

Content management tools allow companies to take control of their Web pages by managing the content as distinct from the design. The days of writing HTML for large Web sites may be numbered as content management tools take the floor.

A Content Management system from Balianti can make maintaining your Web site a easy as writing an email! All you need is a Web browser and an Internet connection. Our page-editing user interface utilizes many of the features you're already used to working with in common word processing software. With a few clicks you can edit and create text, add hyperlinks, add pictures, insert tables, create anchor tags, and so much more. And with our easy-to-use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), your site will maintain its design edge.